“I want to talk about the war”

Debate and a film screening with the participation of female Ukrainian refugees and researchers.

On 24 October 2022, Kinoteka hosted a debate organised as part of the ‘Testimonies from the War’ project in cooperation with the Mieroszewski Centre. The debate focused on the work carried out by female researchers from Poland and Ukraine who are collecting accounts of refugees from Ukraine. The debate addressed topics such as the purpose of documentation, methods of talking about the experience of war and the competences needed to carry out that kind of work. The debate participants also answered questions on how the results of research can be used to avoid trivialising the experience of war and whether the collected accounts can serve as evidence in proceedings against the perpetrators of crimes.

During the event, a film was also screened, featuring both the researchers conducting the interviews and their interviewees.

The film with Ukrainian subtitles can be viewed here

Recordings of the debate can be found at these links



The debate was attended by:

– Anna Wylegała, coordinator of the project “24.02.2022, 5 am: Testimonies from the War”

– Anna Furman, manager of a project for documenting Russian crimes “Zakryti ochyi” at the Holocaust Memorial Centre “Babi Yar”

– Jakub Kiersikowski, head of the Raphael Lemkin Centre for Documenting Russian Crimes in Ukraine

The discussion was moderated by Magdalena Rigamonti.