The documentary project ‘Testimonies from the War’ has been awarded an OPUS 24+LAP grant!

We are pleased to announce that our year-long efforts have been recognised by the Polish National Science Centre and we have received funding for the development of the project!

A description of further activities follows:
The project is a continuation of the documentation activities carried out by researchers from Ukraine, Poland, Luxembourg, the UK, and Germany as part of the initiative “24.02.2022, 5am: Testimonies from the War”. After collecting more than 200 testimonies from Ukrainian refugees in Poland, 150 in Ukraine and 50 in Luxembourg, we are going to conduct further research work with this data. As part of our project, we will contact the selected female and male interviewees again and, according to the previously developed methodology, record a second round of interviews. The interviews will then be processed and the entire corpus of sources (first and second round of interviews from Poland, Ukraine and Luxembourg) will be analysed, also by means of the innovative qualitative data analysis software CatDV. Our interest will be in the language of the interview and the analysis of narrative structures, the formation of biographical and social memory of the Russian invasion, identity issues, as well as the migration strategies chosen by the interviewees. The project will pay particular attention to the issues of methodology and ethics of collecting, analysing and sharing data on the still ongoing armed conflict. The project will result in the entire collection being made available to all those interested in research and educational work with it, at selected desktop access points using secure Open Source Software. We will also undertake a number of popularisation activities, such as the production of a comic book and an animated film to bring the stories of our interviewees to a wider audience.
The project will be carried out in collaboration with a research team from Luxembourg and with the participation of a Ukrainian partner.


Results of OPUS 24+LAP in cooperation with Luxembourg (in Polish)